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Automotive 4S shop floor cleaning the most practical tool

Car 4S shop floor cleaning work in public places in the field of sanitary cleaning can be described as a relatively high requirements of the site. Car 4S shop floor cleaning requirements clean front door range, hall and other places, the cleaning range is relatively large.

Auto 4S shop floor cleaning is dragged out the traditional hall floor dust and stain with dust or mop, but after the completion of ground cleaning work, need a long time to wait for the ground to dry, normal business.

In this case, if the use of washing machine for cleaning, can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency. For example, the use of high GM50B automatic washing machine, washing up to 500mm in width, sweeping, washing in one, first sweep after washing, can easily and efficiently complete the need to clean the place clean, and does not interfere with the normal use of clean places.

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